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The Apiary in November

Photo: Burning Old Equipment

As the wet of Autumn turns into the bitter cold of late November, time to get the chicken wire around the hives to keep the Green Woodpecker off or they’ll enjoy making holes in those cedar hive walls.

In fact we found damage in some of our supers in late October which the bees had already filled with Propolis to keep out wet and cold

Woodpecker Damage and Repair
Woodpecker Damage
Woodpecker Damage

It is also a time to get rid of old equipment and old combs which are well past their sell-by-date.

The following  show a bonfire I made of an abandoned hive I cleared out of a garden which was full of Wax Moth , very dark combs and Woodworm.

Old combs only fit for burning
Very dark old Combs with Waxmoth and Woodworm, only fit for burning

Next Month: Do you need winter treatment of Varroa when we have a ‘brood break’ in the colony?

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