Subscription Rates

Subscriptions run from 1 October to 30 September each year.

Our 2021 – 2022 rates are as follows:

Membership Level Joining Before 1 June Joining After 1 June
Full (inc BBKA membership and Bee Diseases Insurance for 3 colonies) £25.00 £21.00
Country (no bees, wishes to pay BBKA membership ) £14.00 £14.00
Partner (living at the same address, BBKA Membership, no BDI, same rights as Full member) £13.50 £13.50
Associate (living at the same address, no voting rights)   £2.00   £2.00
Junior (under 18, no BDI Insurance) £10.00 £10.00
Friend   £5.50   £5.50

Bee Diseases Insurance – BDI

Bee Diseases Insurance (BDI) provides valuable cover against the loss of bees, equipment and honey from the notifiable bee diseases American and European Foulbrood. Beekeepers with up to 39 colonies can insure through Scheme A, for which the premiums are payable through our Association; those with 40 or more colonies can only insure directly with BDI through Scheme B and they should contact our Hon. Treasurer for further details. Premiums are for the calendar year and must be paid by 31 March – cover will not commence for 60 days if payment is made after this date. N.B. cover only applies if all colonies are insured, so it is important to cover all the colonies that you intend to work during the season.

BDI Rates for 2021/22 are given in the calculator below. Note that the Association subscription for all Full members includes a BDI premium to cover the first 3 colonies, so members wishing to cover more than 3 colonies must pay the appropriate extra premium. Country members, Associates and Friends do not pay BDI. Junior members may pay the basic premium plus the extra shown in the table for more than three colonies

BDI Scheme ‘A’ Insurance

Number of colonies Premium
BDI premium for up to 3 colonies Included in your Association subscription.
Up to 5 colonies pay £2.00 extra
Up to 10 colonies pay £5.25 extra
Up to 15 colonies pay £7.75 extra
Up to 20 colonies pay £9.50 extra
Up to 25 colonies pay £11.10 extra
Up to 30 colonies pay £13.60 extra
Up to 35 colonies pay £16.10 extra
Up to 39 colonies pay £18.10 extra

Bee Craft

The magazine Bee Craft is available at reduced rates through the Association.

The cost for the calendar year 2021/22 is £30.00 and includes the option of a free digital version;   OR  Digital Only version = £20.00.

Your subscription must be paid by November 15th or you will miss the January issue. If you join part way through the year please contact the Membership secretary for revised subscription rate.

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