Join the SBKA

The following outlines the benefits of joining Stratford & District Beekeepers Association.
Membership fees are due on 1st October each year. For current rates and membership categories please look at our subscription rates page.


Full Membership of the Stratford & District Beekeepers Association includes the following benefits :

  • Membership of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)
  • Visits to the SBKA association apiary with instruction from members
  • Access to SBKA books and equipment
  • A network of experienced beekeepers as mentoring for beginners
  • Beginner beekeepers can benefit from swarms when they occur
  • Receive monthly SBKA newsletter.
  • Brood disease Insurance (3 x hive insurance) from BDI
  • Access to the BBKA visual aids and slide library.
  • Discounted entrance fee to the BBKA Spring Convention.
  • Access to the BBKA Examination Scheme.
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