The latest addition to my Apiary Kit box is this Magnifying glass which has small LED lights to illuminate the object under scrutiny. As my eyesight is not what it was and even though I wear glasses I cannot at times see the Queens eggs laid in the bottom of cells in brood combs. This is of course an essential part of your routine examination of a colony to check they have a viable Queen or one that has stopped laying and is about to swarm.

The one in the photograph came from a well known Supermarket and it cost under £4.00. As Beekeepers we love a bargain and this fitted into that category very well. In storage, it will be wrapped in small plastic bag or cling film to prevent it becoming covered in propolis, wax or scratched to bits.

A challenge to you all to come up with your own Gadgets and explain there use.

BERD 2017

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