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The Apiary in November

Title Photo: Ready to take on the Winter

This is one of those months where we will have little active Beekeeping to do as the cold and wet arrives. Well it should have been, but the start of the month was rather warm for November and the colonies took advantage collecting whatever nectar and pollen was around ready for the long winter.

Then the last couple of weeks wind and rain arrived and colonies shut down as we were all battered by the elements.

But as ever on warm days between the showers the ‘workers’ will be out on cleansing flights and collecting water.


We still have had no real frosts yet but I’ve got my Woodpecker protection on around the hive, about two meters of rabbit wire, so they don’t catch me out this season.

Still on guard whilst putting on the wire netting
Woodpecker Protection

The other task I complete now it is too cold for all but the hardy bees to fly, is the processing of all those “comb” scrapings and old combs through my steam extractor.

The Association has one of these stored at Will’s Farm , so please make good use of it and don’t leave it languishing in storage.

Steam Wax Extractor

Once I recovered a few pounds of good clean wax, candle making or trading in with equipment suppliers is the task in the spring.

So time to just ensure the colonies are water and wind proof and protected from rodents (mouse guards in) and the “laughing” Green Woodpecker.

Late Season Flowers
Part of the Butternut Squash Harvest

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